Short trip this weekend – North Rothbury and back

Where is North Rothbury and why would one be heading there? I hear you ask. A quick trip to collect mum from my niece Kelsie’s home after her baby shower. Kelsie and her husband Peter are expecting their baby on the 14th December. That is the way now for the where…North Rothbury is between Cessnock and Branxton. A nice little place that is only a short drive from either of the above-mentioned towns.

Couldn’t get over how much Cessnock has developed these days, my last trip would have been at least 20 odd years ago. It looks like such an inviting place to spend some time. A good place for a weekend getaway and the Crown Plaza would be a perfect place to stay. There are many other places to stay that would make any visit to the area pleasant. Another place that looked interesting was the Potters Brewery on the edge of town

Distance traveled: 330kms
Time: 4 hours driving

PS The Oak Factory at Freeman’s hasn’t changed one bit.

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